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Monday 21 May, 2012
This website is totally fantastic and the shop is amazing. I love going there and buying everything that I want and is so happy it's in London so not to far for me to travel
-  Kat Reynolds

Saturday 19 May, 2012
Love shopping on this site so many amazing things and all great value. Been to the shop it's self a few times when I've been in London and the staff are really friendly and the service is great :D Just a thought here, but it would be awesome if you could sell cosplays of the new Vocaloid IA, would love you so much if you were able to get your hands on some IA cosplays or plushies x
-  Darryl Turner

Saturday 12 May, 2012
My first foray into Gundam and my first order from TokyoToys. Order was processed within 2 hours and received the next morning !. Just does not get any better than that, thanks guys. Now what do I order next .... :-)
-  Raymond Gillespie

Friday 04 May, 2012
Products arrived less than 48 hours after placing the order, packaging was nice and durable. Great couple of gifts, though site could do with some more posters. Look forward to using site again soon!
-  Thomas Hannay

Wednesday 18 April, 2012
TokyoToys, you guys rock! You rock so hard. I ordered my toys on Saturday and they arrived today! I live in Ireland and it took just 3 working days to get my toys and I received an email on Monday to let me know my order had been dispatched. The packaging was neat and sturdy and my stuff arrived in perfect condition. The last time I was in the Trocadero Shopping Centre in London was 2007. I don't remember seeing the shop but I will be ordering more stuff very soon and the next time I'm in London I will definitely drop in and say hi! =] Thanks for being AWESOME.
-  Peek

Wednesday 18 April, 2012
First when i found this site i was like, can i trust it? but then i thought to give it a go and it's awesome!!! My parcel arrived really fast and everything's such high quality. it's much better than buying off of ebay which is both over priced and a gamble to whether it will turn up. Tokyo Toys is truly awesome! :D
-  Xedilian

Sunday 15 April, 2012
Being an international student studying in Canada, I am a VERY BIG Fan of Naruto. One day I heard about Tokyo Toys and came across this website and O MY GOD...This website has such wonderful variety of collections that you feel like buying everything. I ordered 6 items in total online and a week later I couldn't believe my eyes that all these things were right in front of my very eyes. The quality of all the items is totally amazing and the items are adorable. In addition, the customer service representatives are friendly and co-operative as I was also in touch with Tokyo Toys through the phone all the way from Canada to ensure the order was processed successfully. A VERY BIG THANK YOU to the Customer service deprtment of Tokyo Toys. I am now a very big fan of Tokyo Toys and I plan to order more items. I am just waiting for A Naruto Statue to come in the new stock and will then oder other items along with it. Last but not the least, I would like to convey A VERY VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO JADE, the order processing manager who really helped me a lot and I AM EXTREMELY THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL TO HER. I WILL BE VISITING THE UK VERY SOON & WILL SURELY COME TO TOKYO TOYS TO PERSONALLY THANK THE CUSTOMER SERVICE & MOST OF ALL I WISH TO SEE JADE...ITS A PROMISE OF A LIFETIME DATTEBAYO :D :D :D --Best Wishes & Warm Regards To The Entire Tokyo Toys Team...Thank You For Everything & Keep Up The Great Work...ARIGATOU GOSAIMASHTA ^_^ ^_^ ---With Loadz Of Best Wishes, Blessings & Hugs From PRASHANT WADHWANI (CANADA)

TTS: Thank you so much for your kind words xD. We will always do our best and Jade will be thrilled to read your recommendation of her :D
-  Prashant Wadhwani

Wednesday 11 April, 2012
omg i have brought online many tomes before and i went to London and visted the store and was blown away every thing is amazing and in mint i highly recomend
-  Oliver price

Saturday 24 March, 2012
I love this shop it was smaller then i expected but i bought loads of keychains and plushes my new favourite store:D
-  Harry Hurer

Wednesday 14 March, 2012
tokyo toys should have more stores located around the uk, it would be awsome if there was. i would go there every time i got enoth money but, unfortuantly i dont live near london so i have to rely on the web site,but the sites still awsome to.
-  Nathan Morrison

Thursday 01 March, 2012
I remember the first time I went to Tokyotoys, all the way back in Sep '09! It was a small store back then, and it was upstairs, but the best thing I remember was that they put so much stuff in that store and still wanted to put more and more in! I also went Oct '10. By then they were downstairs, but they had the same mentality; Get as mush into the shop as possible!! I can see that they loved the store and I love it just as much. Got so much awesome stuff, and I'll probably be ordering some more this weekend (#_._#) Love Tokyotoys soo much, nothing could replace it!!

TTS: Hahaha! Thank you for your kind words. Wow you go back a long time! When we first opened our new store we wante it to look very nice, but we found we just wanna fill every bit of it with manga toys! We never feel we have enough range xD
-  Jacqueline Worth

Tuesday 28 February, 2012
I've been a customer of Tokyo Toys for quite a few years now and I remember the first time in coming to the store with my boyfriend back when it used to be located upstairs! Every time I go to the store I'm always welcomed and the staff are absolutely fantastic. It's always wonderful to see products of high quality that I find hard to get hold of and the prices are indeed of great value. Thank you Tokyo Toys for being absolutely amazing! _(^o^)_

TTS: Thanks for your kinds words. Its people like yourself that drive us to better ourselfs, to create an even more amazing manga shop xD
-  Sabine Fox

Saturday 25 February, 2012
I love these guys so much! Their selection is brilliant and the delievery is faster than any other website I've ever used
-  Phil Gordon

Saturday 18 February, 2012
I cannot express my pleasure with Tokyotoys's service and product range, If you're a new comer to this site and are a bit unsure to order, there really isn't anything to fear. The service is impeccable and delivery is fast especially if you live in the UK. They are always adding new products to their catalogue, a regular visit for any anime/manga fan like myself for sure!
-  Jack Williams

Tuesday 14 February, 2012
I love tokyotoys so much _3 its a fantastic shop and im always looking forward to buying more stuff from here. One day i hope to go to london and visit this shop myself, im excited for that day _3
-  Liam Howe

Sunday 05 February, 2012
this site is amazing it has stuff that you cant find anywer else
-  thomas abbott

Sunday 29 January, 2012
went to london yesterday and saw this shop i knew i had to walk in :p even bought a gift for a cousin of mine (who was very very happy with it btw) i realy liked the store and next time i'm in london i'll be visiting again cause that shop is just AWSOME !!!
-  Jill Buyle

Saturday 28 January, 2012
the best selection of gundam kits ive seen anywhere, cant wait to arrange a trip down to the store as i live in birmingham... i would love to see some macross/robotech stuff... please :)
-  Robert Kavanagh

Thursday 26 January, 2012
WOW i love my harhui cosplay it fits so well and is great quilaty any i orded it and it came two days later great job guys :)
-  Lizzy Edwards

Sunday 22 January, 2012
please bring Tokyo toys to northern Ireland, north Belfast please I would be very , very grateful
-  Abbie Greer

Displaying 101 to 120 (of 431 testimonials) [<< Prev]  ... 6  7  8  9  10 ...  [Next >>] 
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